Notice - Update

We recently informed our valued patrons that the Southern Ontario Library Service’s interlibrary loan service would cease as of Friday, April 26th due to a 50% cut to their provincial funding. SOLS advised that while courier services will no longer be offered, they are assessing how they can continue to provide interlibrary loan services. However, this service will remain suspended until at least May 31st.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to the many library users who utilize this service and will keep you up-to-date on any further developments.

History of the Library


In 1966, the residents of Wainfleet became tired of travelling to neighbouring communities to borrow books. It was clear to residents that Wainfleet Township needed it's own Library. On April 4, 1966, the Wainfleet Community Library was formed and it was originally housed in a small room in Ken's Dayboll's house, the former Marshville Hotel. By the end of 1966, under the recommendation of the Niagara Regional Library System, the Board sought to become a public library. In December of 1966, a by-law was passed by the Township Council and the Wainfleet Community Library became the Wainfleet Township Public Library.

The Library membership and circulation grew and the program attendance had increased so much that it became apparent a new, bigger location was needed. The Library was relocated to the police station building where additions were made to accommodate the growing population and it was converted into the library in 1971. There were additions in 1975 and again in 1999 and a remodel was completed in 2006. 

Today, the Library is a beautiful, vibrant and welcoming hub of the Township of Wainfleet. If it had not been for some hard-working volunteers and members of the community, the Library would not be what it is today.