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Support Your Library
Wainfleet Township Public Library has always been fortunate to enjoy strong support from the community. The ongoing generosity of our patrons has made it all the more possible for us to offer high-quality materials and programs that benefit all library users. Your donations help our library maintain the excellent facilities and services that you have come to expect from us. The following are some of the ways you can assist us in our endeavor and continue to show support for your library.
Are you aware that as a Library donor Canada Revenue Agency offers you tax assistance in return for your gift? You can claim tax credits for your donation of $10 or more by completing the appropriate section of your income tax return. You will receive combined federal and provincial tax credits of over 21% of the first $200 you give. Donations of more than $200 entitle you to a combined federal and provincial tax credit of just over 40%. The more you give the more you can claim.
Gift Fund
This is an excellent way to honour friends and family members on a special occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and marriages. Purchasing library material in their name not only pays tribute to the individual, but provides hours of enjoyment to other members of the Wainfleet community.
Books for Sale

Purchase withdrawn or donated material from our book sale area. This money, in turn, will be used  to purchase new items to be added to our collection.

In Memoriam & Planned Giving Donations

Planned Giving

The planned giving program enables you to make a provision for the library in your will. You may bequeth to the library, for example, a percentage of your estate, securities, real estate or specific property. This is a long-lasting way to thank a community organization like the library that has enriched your life and that of your family's; it is also an excellent way of preserving the library for future generations.
In Memoriam Donations
In memoriam donations are a thoughtful way of remembering a loved one or a friend who may have had a special fondness for our library or was a regular patron who appreciated a good book. Consider making the library your charity of choice through which to remember someone.

Registered charity receipts are available for donations over $10.00